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A new trend in piercing

Controversial corset piercings more common

Published: Sunday, May 13, 2007

Updated: Monday, February 2, 2009 12:02

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Jason Mongar / Tattoos Forever, Fla.

Corset piercings consist of two vertical columns of piercings that are laced up wtih rope or chains to mimic a corset.

There once was a time when piercings such as belly button piercings and tongue rings were seen as extreme in the piercing world; but now, these piercings are considered normal and mundane.

There is a new trend sweeping the piercing industry - corset piercing.

A corset piercing is a series of piercings, typically done on the back, that are placed in two vertical columns and laced, roped or chained together to mimic the appearance of a corset.

According to Robert Woollard, a piercer of seven years who works at Artistic Creations located on Reynolds Road, corset piercings became popular in the late 1990s and are some of the easiest piercings to perform.

"The process lasts no longer than an hour, depending on what the customer wants and [the process is] very easy to do," Woollard said. "It's a surface piercing, which means it doesn't go through any body tissue, and you just pinch up the skin and put the hoop through."

Woollard says that the piercings are done with small hoops, known as d-rings, and the skin has to heal before the piercings can be laced.

"If you lace [the piercings] before the skin is healed, the pressure can rip the hoops out and cause permanent scarring and a lot of bleeding," he said.

Although corset piercings are a big fad in the piercing industry, they have yet to become integrated into the mainstream culture.

"Very few people get them," Woollard said. "When people do get them, they're usually for tattoo conventions so an artist can show off their work, or for an artist's portfolio."

According to Woollard, "when people off the street do get them, they're usually younger girls who don't know the risks … they're very stupid piercings."

In fact, because of the risks, many piercing and tattoo places are hesitant to even do the piercing.

Following a corset piercing, the skin is very delicate and is susceptible to many things, such as infection, permanent scarring, bleeding and swelling.

Woollard said an average corset piercing, which is six piercings, three on each side, costs about $105 and takes about an hour.

"One hundred-five dollars is just the starting price; depending on what the customer wants, it can cost a lot more," Woolard said. "The most piercings I've done in one session was 28, and that cost a lot of money."

Despite the risks and the costs, corset piercings, to many piercers' dismay, are "what's in" right now.

"I don't think people should get them," Woollard said, "but you've got to give the customer what they want. This trend will be here until the next and best big thing comes along."

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