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Animals are friends, not food

Published: Thursday, September 30, 2010

Updated: Thursday, September 30, 2010 06:09

Banana security

Meet Winston, a New York City resident with a keen eye for banana thieves. This fat cat is a rescue who, in addition to loving to protect bananas, enjoys eating mashed potatoes, snow and riding in bicycle baskets. This strange behavior has garnered the furry feline a ferocious following. Visit for some botched banana burglary.

For more information on Winston and his adventures, visit Kitty Pride blog at or his twitter page at

Elephant Shipped Out

Good news! Officials at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo have returned the facility’s only elephant, Joyce—on loan from Six Flags—after realizing the elephant’s need for companionship. For the first time in over 100 years, there are not elephants in Chicago area zoos.

At Warped Tour thousands of people signed petitions that urged zoos in northern climates to close elephant exhibits because of the inhumanity of locking these creatures in small concrete barns during the long, frigid winter months. It was these people that helped persuade the Brookfield Zoo officials to return Joyce.

Unfortunately, there are plans to renovate these facilities and “re-stock” the elephant exhibit. Please visit

Cats suffer at “Sanctuary”

Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary (SVAS) near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is reported to have as many as 300 cats and several dogs that are deprived of veterinary care and kept in two filthy, crowded storage units. These units are not only disease-ridden and reek of ammonia from excrement, they are so crowded that the cats are stacked on top of one another in “tiny wire crates” where they don’t even have enough room to stretch let alone walk around or exercise in any way.

It is also reported that SVAS, which is run by Elizabeth Owen, allows the litter-boxes and cages to “overflow with feces and contaminated food.” The animals held captive at the facility suffer from a variety of debilitating and painful diseases as well as dangerous parasites.

Several cats have advanced infections that prevent proper eating or breathing and inhibit vision. What’s worse is that those lucky enough to escape infection are placed near those that are ill. There is also a severe flea infestation.

Astonishingly, according to SVAS’ website, some of these animals have been constantly caged for their entire lives.

County officials are continuing to delay justice and, while citations were issued and county officials have reported that Owens was charged, court records show that the case was in fact dismissed.

Fortunately, a jury trial is in the works on more recent charges.

Contact Horry County officials at and let them know that you disagree with the treatment of the animals at SVAS and it is their duty to make sure justice is served. Urge them to do the right thing by persecuting those responsible for this obscene cruelty.

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