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Deregistration policy was sprung on students too quickly

Published: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 15:08

Announced by the University of Toledo in August 2012, the deadline for validation is now Aug. 19. As a student, if you have not paid all of your bills, you will be deregistered from your courses.

While this sort of policy is necessary in order to maintain a certain financial assurance for the coming semester, the deadline seems like a threat, it could’ve been announced earlier and the process was inefficient. 

A policy gives time in order to make sure everything flows smoothly. The new deregistration deadline isn’t a policy but a threat. It doesn’t give the students time to get things in order. It sets an unreasonable deadline for students to pull together money for their tuition, which isn’t easily accessible for less privileged students.

Notice of the deregistration deadline was far too late. UT sent out a postcard to students in early August listing the previous deadline of Aug. 13, less than two weeks before the deadline. This does not assure the students enough time to put their affairs in order so they can be ensured the opportunity to continue their education.

Additionally, email may not be conducive to the way of student summer life. Students are not checking their university email on a daily basis. Sending them hard mail through the postal service, which was not done until early August, is more likely to get the students’ attention.

While UT is a public institution for intellectual advancement and education, it must remain financially stable. They state on UT’s website, “UT seeks to balance our costs while continuing to offer the best quality education for our students.”

Students, therefore, must be required to meet certain 

standards and deadlines for the university to be in working order financially.

However, the biggest issue lies in the medium through which UT attempted to inform students. UT expects the 

students to be checking their email all summer. But, that just doesn’t happen. Thus, while a deadline is appropriate, the method used by the university may have lacked a certain amount of tact.

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