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Letter to Editor: Braverman was wrong

Published: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 04:10


The University of Toledo advertised “The Path to Peace in Israel/Palestine: a Jewish-American’s Journey.” The speaker Mark Braverman was introduced as one Jewish-American’s perspective.

It appears Braverman intentionally advertises himself as a Jewish perspective to give credibility to his viewpoint. After listening to Braverman, I can safely say he’s truly one Jewish American perspective and only one.

Braverman said Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians today is identical to the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust “except for the ovens.” Braverman went on to say it’s “scary that when you walk through the Holocaust museum and up to the ovens, what you see ‘out there’ is the same.” 

Braverman doesn’t advocate a two state solution, but instead said, “I’m done; no more one-state or two-state conversation … It’s an apartheid state, same as Jim Crow. I’m terrified of the two-state solution that legitimizes apartheid.” 

Braverman was adamant in his belief that the Palestinian government is controlled by Israel and America and doesn’t represent the Palestinian people. 

Braverman described the Jewish lobbying efforts saying, “Jews come in with their money bags, it’s true.”

Braverman said the “interfaith conversation needs to end.” He describes interfaith as a tool created by Jewish people to stifle the Palestinian aspirations.

Braverman made reference to President Obama, who, in his opinion, “gets it,” but ultimately makes the “Pledge of allegiance to the State of Israel.” 

These are merely a few of the more provocative statements at this session held at UT.

There is a need for meaningful debates on the subject of “The Path to Peace in Israel.” 

Unfortunately, this wasn’t one of them. Just as I wouldn’t take time to explain why Ahmadinejad ’s viewpoints are wrong, I too find it unnecessary to respond to Braverman’s despicable statements. 

There are churches in the Toledo area that were thanked for being brave enough to bring this speaker. 

I believe these churches owe an apology for allowing such a hateful message to not only Jewish people, but Americans, as Braverman insults us all.

Sheila Katz, Holland, Ohio

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