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College Republicans to identify liberal professors

Published: Monday, August 31, 2009

Updated: Monday, August 31, 2009 03:08

UT College Republicans are compiling a list of liberal professors who they claimed have a bias against conservative students.

The list will include professors who students say have let their political views interfere with the way they interact with students in the classroom.

UT College Republicans President Matt Rubin, a junior majoring in political science and public administration, said the list is not an attempt to bash professors who have liberal ideas, but instead, it is an attempt to speak out for students who may have been victims of the bias, which was then reflected in their grade.

“We’ve been portrayed in the media, as well as comments from people in the community including College Democrats, saying that we’re creating a blacklist in order to smear the names of professors and that’s not true,” Rubin said. “We’re giving a voice to the students that have been harassed because of their political beliefs. It’s the same thing as bashing a student because they’re gay.”

Rubin said the list of liberal professors is important because of the many complaints he received from students at UT College Republicans meetings, concerning professors who made unnecessary political comments, including anti-Bush statements.

“At our weekly meeting, something we like to do is take time out for students to tell stories of any bias they have had in classes. What we’re doing is representing students who have had that experience. We’re trying to expose professors who have liberal bias and go against everything UT stands for,” Rubin said. “How is saying ‘President Bush is the dumbest president this country has ever had and should be hanged’ improving the human condition?”

The students who submitted and reported incidents such as these will remain anonymous, Rubin said.

“We had a student who said, in an ancient Greece class, Professor William O’Neal claimed that America did not liberate Europe in World War II. However; it was freed by Charles De Gaulle and the free French, not U.S. Soldiers,” Rubin said.

O’Neal, chair and professor of history at UT denied ever making the comment.

“To base this on the statement of a single student doesn’t seem as evidence to convict liberalism,” he said. “If you had a whole class come and say, ‘this guy is preaching his own gospel,’ that would be different, or if there was a substantial number of students from that class.”

Rubin said the list of dubbed liberal professors could also be beneficial to some students.

“We like to think of it as a liberal professor directory, not a list. Also, we’d like for it to be used as a resource for liberal students who are looking for like-minded professors that will positively affect their grade based on their bias,” he said.

Rubin added he and the UT College Republicans are not against professors who have liberal views.

“We realize that some professors are liberal, and that’s ok, it’s when they completely disregard a student’s opinion or they have a bias against them that might affect the way they are treated or graded, is what we think is wrong,” Rubin said.

O’Neal said although there may be some professors who let their political preferences affect the way they treat their students, it is not something he has witnessed as a common denominator at UT.

“We’re all human and there are some people who are totally committed to their own view points with very strong personalities, so I’m sure in our imperfect world this does exist,” he said. “But I do not know of anyone in this department who will base grades on hair color, eye color or political aspirations, and I have been the chair of the history department for three years and have been teaching here for 40 years.”

David Mann, a second year law student, said there are other important issues the College Republicans could be concerning themselves with.

“If I were a College Republican, I’d be spending my time trying to figure out why young people overwhelmingly support President Obama and the Democratic Party, and not waste it on this silly idea,” Mann said. “But if conservative students are afraid to defend their principles in the classroom, maybe they do need a list of professors to avoid.”

UT has an abundance of resources available to students to help them if they experience this sort of bias, O’Neal said.

“If the student feels abused, they should talk to their professor. If that doesn’t solve the problem, they should go to the department chair. If there is still a problem, they can even go to the dean or the Vice President [for] Student Affairs. There are so many places to go to avoid this type of thing,” he said.

Rubin said, though the directory of liberal professors is of high importance to the UT College Republicans, they have done many other positive things that people should focus on.

“We like to consider ourselves a well-rounded group. We’re not just a group of students sitting in a basement trying to slander these professors. We’re really doing a lot more this year. We’ve been helping out with several local campaigns and we also are having a school supply drive for students at Scott High School,” he said.

Rubin said the UT College Republicans are still working on compiling the directory of liberal professors, and expect it to be available on their Web site by Wednesday.

-The UT College Republicans Web site can be visited at

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Mon Apr 12 2010 03:13
i have a consertive professor for my marketing class, am sure am just as annoyed as you people are. she stated that obama is trying to take over the internet and controle the information on it, ad made derogitory comments. rubber face pelosi, yes she has made her face look weird with botox. Yet I did not pay to hear this crap., nor is it apropriate for her to be using this platform for her political nonsense. I've had 3 conservitive teachers down grade me, even write papers back filled with faith and belief. This one using her position to preach has made me unceratin and effected how I write my paper. She apologized once and asked if we were uncomfortable to speak to her, which i did, her reply was she is always fair, said in a pissy voice and stomped off. Both sides should keep their politics out of the class.
Mon Apr 12 2010 03:11
i have a consertive professor for my marketing class, am sure am just as annoyed as you people are. she stated that obama is trying to take over the internet and controle the information on it, ad made derogitory comments. rubber face pelosi, yes she has made her face look weird with botox. Yet I did not pay to hear this crap., nor is it apropriate for her to be using this platform for her political nonsense. I've had 3 conservitive teachers down grade me, even write papers back filled with faith and belief. This one using her position to preach has made me unceratin and effected how I write my paper. She apologized once and asked if we were uncomfortable to speak to her, which i did, her reply was she is always fair, said in a pissy voice and stomped off. Both sides should keep their politics out of the class.
Gregory J. W. Urwin
Sat Oct 24 2009 09:37
In Christian DeJohn's desperate desire to turn himself into a conservative martyr, he is orchestrating a campaign based on half truths, omissions of fact, and outright lies.

The truth of the matter is that I was handed a thesis totaling more than 300 pages that used shrill language and unimpressive documentation to claim that President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Generals George C. Marshall, Lesley McNair, Omar N. Bradley, George S. Patton, Jr., and others deliberately kept American soldiers in inferior tanks simply because they were indifferent to the fate of the common G.I. I would no more approve such drivel than I would pass a thesis that tried to argue President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and General Tommy Franks sent American soldiers into Iraq with insufficient body armor and unarmored humvees because they did not care how many troops got killed. Mistakes were made in both cases, but to reduce complex historical situations to a simplistic good-guy-vs.-bad-guy formula does not reflect the sophisticated analysis expected in an aspirant to an advanced degree.

I dare DeJohn to make available the draft of his thesis that I reviewed available as a pdf document on its web site and let your readers decide for themselves.

As for my conspiring with the U.S. Army Military History Institute to deny Christian employment there, his troubles at Carlisle Barracks began long before he and I tussled over his thesis. The truth of the matter is that Christian should have had an inside track on any job there. The USAMHI hired him as an intern, which gave him plenty of opportunities to make a positive impression and the personal contacts that should have placed his application at the top of the heap. I can only assume that something went terribly wrong with Christian’s internship. When the media reported in February 2006 that Christian was suing me, I received several notes of sympathy from USAMHI employees, some of whom offered to testify on my behalf. One was Christian DeJohn’s former supervisor, who wrote:

“I regret seeing you named in this debacle. I had the dubious pleasure of supervising DeJohn at the Army Heritage Center Foundation during my year there as SiR. His duplicity, arrogance, and ignorance of basic scholarly technique very quickly became apparent to me and others who worked with him there. His typical modus operandi was always to ignore counsel and advice, push the envelope as far as he could without regard for others, and if called to the carpet for his misaction, then to launch a personal attack that distracted attention from his own ineptitude and faults. He attempted such an effort against me in January 2004. By tipping his hand too early, though, I was able to pre-empt his attack.

“If there is anything I can do to help you, Richard [Immerman], or Temple, please let me know.”

Anyone who reads the trial transcript from Christian DeJohn vs. Temple University (U.S. District Court, Eastern Pennsylvania District) and the many exhibits (including the e-mail quoted above) and affidavits that accompany it will see that this pattern continued. Christian DeJohn has never needed my help to make a mess of his life. He is fully capable of doing so on his own. My mistake was to push hard to get him to end his self-destructive behavior. Kind words did not work, constructive criticism did not work, and shock treatment did not work.

Anonymous, MD, Ph.D
Sat Oct 17 2009 09:53
wow, with all of this in mind...maybe the dems should make their list. Maybe we should get rid of these professors b/c they apparently "can't teach." Just then, when no profs are left, we will be pleased!....really? This list is just b.s. Maybe if the students study a little bit every day, and then do their hw, they will actually learn something. If everything came easy in life, then there is no point to living. Its a fact that you actually need stress to live due to a variety of chemical reactions that take place in a persons head. If the students stop partying and stop getting drunk every weeknight or weekend, they could use their time constructively and get work done. It surprises me how far students go just to get better grades instead of sitting down and just studying.
UT Jim
Wed Oct 7 2009 14:23
"I admire and respect the work of the College Republicans. "

Admire and respect what? There is no list and their moderated message board on their website to date has only has four postings which largely consist of Republican complaints about campus activities and not class room issues. The “list” was about generating controversy not any real action and solution and gathered the group and their leader some national Fox news coverage.

Wed Oct 7 2009 02:28
I admire and respect the work of the College Republicans. Seriously enough is enough of arrogant liberal professors who believe they can subject students to their liberal bias. Have they no decency at long last? just TEACH the curriculum material objectively withour partisan folly and uncessary zingers. Which is snarky and witless at best.
Christian DeJohn
Mon Oct 5 2009 12:03
DeJohn v. Temple: The Facts of the Case by Adam KisselThe precedential decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in the case of DeJohn v. Temple focuses mainly on the unconstitutionality of Temple's abandoned speech code—which had been disguised, as so many schools are doing nowadays, as part of its sexual harassment policy. The case probably would not even have been filed if Temple had not treated DeJohn so badly in the first place. Following DeJohn's complaint, here's what happened:Christian DeJohn, a student in Temple University's Master of Arts in Military and American History program, was also a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard. DeJohn was deployed to Bosnia. While deployed, he received a number of anti-war e-mails from a history professor at Temple:the e-mails were full of anti-war messages, information about campus "sit-ins," and demonstrations around campus protesting the Iraq war.DeJohn expressed his displeasure with the e-mails, and Department of History e-mails then stopped coming. When it was time for him to return to school, he found that he had been dismissed from the university. As DeJohn tells it, Temple "failed to grant DeJohn military leave guaranteed by federal and state law" and "dismissed him from school (later claiming his dismissal was a ‘computer error')." This so-called error was corrected, and DeJohn returned to class in 2003.DeJohn then took a course named Comparative History of Modern War during which the professorconsistently engaged in diatribes against the United States military in Iraq and the alleged failures of President Bush. As a veteran, DeJohn politely disagreed with many of [Professor Gregory] Urwin's characterizations. DeJohn's disagreements were in no way disruptive to the classroom environment.That could have been the end of it—just some serious intellectual exchange over contentious political issues. But in retaliation for DeJohn's non-disruptive responses to the anti-war messages of his professors, he alleged, Temple then refused to advise him during his thesis completion, personally and professionally denigrated him when evaluating his thesis, rejected his thesis without legitimate academic grounds, delayed his graduation three times,and more. For instance, although DeJohn had been given permission to complete an accredited course elsewhere and have it transferred, Urwin declared that the course was inadequate and required him to read an additional five or six books on the subject (the Vietnam War) and write papers on them. Urwin, who was the appropriate one to advise DeJohn's master's thesis, soon declared (according to the complaint) "that he could no longer advise DeJohn on his thesis because he was too busy." After DeJohn submitted his thesis, the professorcommented that the thesis was "agonizing" and that DeJohn must suffer from "Alzheimer's disease." Urwin also wrote notes in the margins of DeJohn's thesis. He wrote that DeJohn sounds like a "crackpot," that his arguments are "absurd," that the thesis read like "a comic book for 5-year olds," that it was "amateurish," that it was "exaggerated melodrama," "juvenile melodrama," and "juvenile rhetoric," "monotonous agony," "juvenile argumentation," a "hissy fit in print,"and more. DeJohn had apparently violated an unwritten rule about too many thesis advisors: if they don't like you or agree politically with your work, it's going to be harder to get them to stay on as your advisor and harder to have your work judged fairly. Because of the special relationship between advisor and student, a huge amount of discretion is afforded to the advisor, and unscrupulous advisors find it all too easy to abuse that discretion. Judging the quality of academic work is often an extremely subjective enterprise, which is why courts would rather stay away from second-guessing university faculty. For this reason, not in a position to judge, I find it unsurprising that a court might dismiss charges against Temple that relate to Temple's treatment of DeJohn from an academic point of view. But this is no way means that Temple professors acted appropriately given the discretion with which they have been entrusted. Given the context of this case, I would think that Professor Urwin now might want to preserve his reputation and offer to have DeJohn's thesis reviewed by a more objective third-party panel.As for Temple's unconstitutional speech code and the implications of the Third Circuit decision, see our upcoming blog series (all to be posted here) and earlier blog posts, and in particular see the amici brief filed by FIRE along with the ACLU of Pennsylvania, the Christian Legal Society,, Feminists for Free Expression, the Individual Rights Foundation, Students for Academic Freedom, and the Student Press Law Center.It is often intimidating to speak out against the views of one's professors. But in an environment where speech has been chilled by an unconstitutional speech code—the Third...
Christian DeJohn
Mon Oct 5 2009 12:00
Temple University's Civil RightsVviolations are a Disgrace
by Chris Freind, the Philadelphia Bulletin

White males are not a protected class under the Constitution, and veterans do not have First Amendment rights. After all, their concerns should be ignored because they are "mentally unstable" from being "trained to kill." And disagreeing with one's professors can result in insults such as "gnat," "juvenile" "liar" and "fool." As far as academic freedom of speech, forget it.

Welcome to taxpayer-funded Temple University.

Temple finds itself at the center of a firestorm regarding an appalling case of squashed academic freedoms and restricted First Amendment rights. The victim of Temple's suffocating speech code is a graduate student simply trying to earn a master's degree in military history. He also happens to be one of our ultimate defenders of freedom, a decorated sergeant in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. This man's civil rights were violated, not overseas in a hostile fire zone but right back here in Philadelphia, birthplace of the nation and cradle of liberty. How's that for irony?

But since this is still the United States of America, and politically correct professors don't rule the day, this grave injustice is on track to be rectified. All it took was a huge dose of courage.

Meet Sgt. Christian DeJohn.

Sgt. DeJohn was called to active duty by the Army after the Sept. 11 attacks while attending Temple graduate school. When serving in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Temple did the unconscionable and sent him invitations to weekly "Dissent in America" anti-war "teach-ins," sponsored by Temple professors. Sgt. DeJohn objected and immediately became the target of retribution and retaliation—which continues to this day.

What did the university do? According to Sgt. DeJohn, he was dismissed from the school (later reinstated), was denied guidance and advice during his thesis completion, obstructed his graduation, contacted potential employers to sabotage his job search and even destroyed his personal credit by falsely reporting that he had graduated.

This situation led to Sgt. DeJohn testifying before the Pennsylvania Select Committee on Academic Freedom, which ultimately brought about reform referred to as "the biggest victory in the history of the academic freedom movement." He then filed a federal civil rights lawsuit to challenge the school's "speech codes," through which Temple claims it has the right to restrict and deny students' First Amendment rights. Sgt. DeJohn won, and a federal judge issued a permanent injunction against the speech codes. With its tail between its legs, Temple appealed, and arguments were heard on Thursday at the Federal Court of Appeals.

What's really troubling in this whole affair is that Temple, an institution of higher learning, is supposed to be run by intelligent, objective people. Yet they actually argued in court that Sgt. DeJohn was a "marginal learner, barely passing" with failing grades, knowing full well that he had a 3.2 GPA and had never received a grade lower than a B-minus. When called on this, the Temple attorney referenced the failing grade Sgt. DeJohn received—in high school. Go figure.

In a display of uncommon maturity, history department chair Richard Immerman wrote about his hope that Sgt. DeJohn will "self-destruct." In his "professional" critique of Sgt. DeJohn's 300-page thesis, Prof. Immerman wrote abusive comments such as these: "You use juvenile argumentation"; the thesis was "a monotonous agony"; Sgt. DeJohn sounded like a "crackpot"; and the thesis came across as a "comic book for five-year-olds."

If that's not constructive criticism fostered in an open atmosphere conducive to learning, I don't know what is.

Interestingly, this fight for academic freedom is not a partisan one. Sgt. DeJohn has allies across the spectrum who have filed amicus briefs with the court, from the ACLU and Feminists for Freedom of Expression to the Alliance Defense Fund and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

And Temple's allies? None. Nada. Can't imagine why.

When Sgt. DeJohn wins, his efforts and courage in the face of fire—both at home and abroad—will have resulted in a landmark case in the academic freedom movement.

Sir Edmund Burke stated, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Thanks to people like Sgt. Christian DeJohn, such evil is being vanquished, and he deserves our salute.

Wed Sep 30 2009 09:43
"How about all you Moron professors just teach and keep your views to yourself?

Hey now that's a concept isn't - JUST TEACH??? "

And what about when those views are relevant to the subject matter and supported by research and prevailing knowledge? Just because you have a certain view does not make it the correct one or that your opposition to a view means it can not be discussed and taught. Remember you are in a class to learn even if you do not agree ot believe the view.

Aaron D.
Tue Sep 29 2009 21:43
I have had a number of classes with professors who are liberal. I have had a number who have been conservative. Good professors, regardless of political leanings, play devil's advocate with either opinion to generate higher level critical thinking. Many professors will disagree with YOU, yes YOU reader, simply to generate more and more discussion. I have observed in classes conservative students who don't respond well to divergent questioning; as if they're unsure WHY they believe what they do and don't feel comfortable by that.

It is a professors job to question student's preconceived notions and opinions; the only real way to learn is to understand introspection and metacognition. I think the real issue is liberal oriented classes steering the discussion in their favor. Why blame your political science professor when you're the only conservative who signed up for Women's History Class. Professors are guilty to teaching to their students sometimes...

Your name
Sun Sep 27 2009 21:36
How about all you Moron professors just teach and keep your views to yourself?

Hey now that's a concept isn't - JUST TEACH???

Thu Sep 17 2009 17:50
300! These conservative's political arrows will blot out the sun! Well, the professors will fight in the shade! And Mr. Rubin is the hunchback!

Tonight these professors will dine in HELL!! Actually, probably just Phoenicia like usually...

Thu Sep 17 2009 17:48
Thu Sep 17 2009 17:48
to be
Thu Sep 17 2009 17:48
I want
Tue Sep 15 2009 16:29
Cherry picking professors is nothing new. College is, was and always will be very much a game to advance your career. As such students do informal polling of other students on which profs to take, which profs to avoid and what extra things do you need to do to get by or get an A. Is this any different? Rarely are grades awarded on a strictly subjective criteria though, when you cherry pick a prof your looking for someone that is good for learning style or will extend mercy if you need it. Having openly conservative views with an openly liberal professors probably wouldn't hurt your grade, unless of course you needed her mercy. Like wise for Gay teachers, conservative teachers or Indian teachers.

On another note, the thought that discrimination based on a point of view, such as liberal or conservative, being compared to discrimination based on life style, such as LBGT, doesn't seem to equate to the LGBT posters. I understand the comparison is as apalling as being discrimated against for lifestyle choices to being discriminated against based on the color of your skin. One just does not come close to the other.

Sick of Lib Brain Washing
Tue Sep 15 2009 09:45
I know what Gulf Vet means about the “libs”, in fact I had an English class at Tri-C east which was taught by an African American professor who decided rather than having us read the traditional classics we had to read a Maya Angelo book. He said that this was the true classic not the other classic that you read in HS. This was back in 93 and I too have gone back to college since and was amazed on how slanted it has become. My husband took an online class that was a business class that also was anti bush, anti republican, anti walmart, anti anything that had to do with business and it was a Lakeland class too.
Gulf Vet
Tue Sep 15 2009 09:37
Let me guess...sounds like Proud Dave is one of the co-authors of today's Socialist college text books. You obviously follow idiot McCarthy's playbook.
Dave Kannas, a proud liberal and formet prof.
Mon Sep 14 2009 16:46
Anybody out there recall Senator Joe McCarthy? He did a fine job of casting his booze soaked attention on "commies," thus destroying the lives of many on the way to his early death (47) of alcoholism. These republibates who are creating there little lists would be well served to attend class and attempt to squeeze into their very small minds a little of what is being taught. Then they might also attempt to read a book or two of history. That is if they have time between attending pro-life rallies and anti-gay rallies and pro-war rallies and pro-gun rallies and other mindless and often contradictory rallies.
Gulf Vet
Fri Sep 11 2009 14:20
Kudos to this UT student! Speaking as a recent Ohio Lakeland Community College graduate, using my GI Bill as a two-tour Gulf Vet., I am pleased & relieved to see this sadly very common type of Liberal education brain-washing behavior exposed for what it is. I went back to school to finish a degree at the age of 29 & was disgusted to see how the far left wielded unrelenting power over most of the classes that I enrolled in. The worst being an American History class that was listed as covering the time periods of post Civil War reconstruction through WWII. The first minute of the first class showed me exactly what I was in for throughout the duration of the semester. My professor greeted the class & immediately launched into an anti-Bush & anti Republican frothing at the mouth tirade that lasted for 2 hours straight. The rest of the semester was no different. Apparently Bush had something to do with Civil War reconstruction gone bad & he almost lost us WWII. I stood my ground & let him know where my principles were, which meant that I had to work twice as hard as everyone else to get the same grade. I also enlightened him on the conditions & decisions made while serving in the military under Clinton. Not pretty. Needless to say, I stuck it out, & tried not to vomit during his class-long anti Bush/Republican spewings. Btw, his choice of textbook was classic too....straight off the Liberal waco fringe far left press! Ironically printed in China. Talk about a treasonous & highly Liberal selective re-write of American History. Every paragraph was obviously carefully crafted to promote their political agenda. By the end of the semester most of the students in my class were wearing 'Bush Sucks' T-shirts. This was not the only class I took there where the professor was so openly Liberal during class time, but it was the worst. During my graduation ceremony it all came together for me like a classic Scooby Doo ending...the Dean of the college tortured us with a 2 hour long Liberal speech & even professed himseld to be the head of the local Democratic Party. I'm sorry, but this is just not right. Obama & his Lib cronies need to stay out of America's classrooms & textbooks. They need to let our youth receive politically unbiased educations (K-college), & allow them to formulate opinions based on their own life's experiences. All they need to do is serve in the military under a Democrat & their minds will quickly be made up!

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