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UT now responsible for full $36M of Sim Center cost

Staff Reporter

Published: Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 12:12


The University of Toledo is now responsible for the full $36 million cost of the new simulation center project on the Health Science Campus. 

Originally the costs for the Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center were intended to be shared between UT and ProMedica, a regional health system that operates several hospitals in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. According to the original plan, the university was to put forth $18 million and Promedica was going to match that amount. 

“They were going to put money into the construction and we were going to put money into the construction,” said Jeffrey Gold, chancellor and executive vice president for biosciences and health affairs. “Then last spring they decided strategically to not proceed with that model. But that is not to say that they will not consider that in the future.” 

 Tedra White, director of media relations for ProMedica, said the two organizations are maintaining an ongoing discussion on the possibility of future collaboration. 

“ProMedica and UT have developed a broad clinical educational relationship including providing sites for a significant number of clinical education experiences for UT students and residents,” White said in an email. “In addition, ProMedica staff, residents and fellows participate in educational sessions in the Simulation Center, receiving valuable training.” 

Gold said the Karl Storz program, a manufacturing company for surgical equipment, has named the IISC a nationally recognized Center of Excellence. In doing so, the company has agreed to give state-of-the-art medical equipment to the IISC, so long as the center maintains excellent standards.

“That is millions of dollars of technology in an ongoing fashion, as well as bringing people to this community to demonstrate the state-of-the-art surgical technology that they manufacture,” Gold said.

He also said there are many philanthropic donors contributing to the construction of the center.

Phase two of the IISC is scheduled to be finished Spring 2014. 

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Wed Dec 19 2012 11:53
Re "When is the BOT going to have President Jacobs and his administration face the music": The BOT is entirely on the same page as Jacobs and Company. They love big-ticket stuff like this, because it lets them feel as though they are in charge of a very important enterprise. They're sort of a self-congratulatory circle of friends.
Sun Dec 16 2012 14:58
Also to be clear the entire $36 million was paid from UT base budget case reserves, unlike other recent construction and renovations projects on main campus and health science campus that were funded with mix of bond funds, loans, state capital funding, and in some cases private donations to projects. This center was funded from the UT base operating budget entirely, taking monies away from other budget areas.
Sun Dec 16 2012 14:14
There are over 20,000 students at UT, how many are on the heath science campus that will use this $36 million center,a few hundred? Given the $30 million projected budget shortfall in FY14 it is only fair to ask with UT now carrying the entire cost is this a wise investment and use of UT funds when program and staff cuts are impacting the many more UT students in other programs?
not real students?
Thu Dec 13 2012 10:05
I want to know why the person who said 'none of which relates to students and the academic mission of UT' thinks health science students don't count as UT students.
Thu Dec 13 2012 09:32
Oh OK. As long as it was side by side in print... I'm sure the comments that people are writing at the bottom of their printed copies are MUCH better than what is being written here. How about hyperlinking some words in the story so the connection to the other story is more obvious? Clearly people are not reading the other story before leaving comments.
Danielle Gamble, News Editor
Wed Dec 12 2012 13:06
Hello Anonymous,

If you look to the story "Simulation Center on Health Science Campus in progress" that Lindsay Mahaney also wrote, you'll find a description of the IISC, its mission and an update on its progress. The stories appeared side by side in print, and you can access it by clicking on the link on the upper-right hand side of this story.

If you need any more information, feel free to email me at

Wed Dec 12 2012 11:09
Very poor job of reporting. Maybe if Lindsay spent more time on gathering facts instead of dirt, people reading this article would know what IISC is and it's mission for UT.
Tue Dec 11 2012 15:15
so $36 million, none of which relates to students and the academic mission of UT, while we are facing $30m budget shortfall the solutions to which will certainly impact students. When is the BOT going to have President Jacobs and his administration "face the music" on the continued mismanagement of state funds and student tuition?
Sat Dec 8 2012 12:31
Now we know why UT has a deficit, hence the layoff notices that will occur after Dr. Scarborough's "Strategic Action Plan" announcement on Monday, December 17th.

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