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SG aims to make professor evaluations available online

Published: Thursday, January 26, 2012

Updated: Thursday, January 26, 2012 14:01

In an effort to better address students' concerns when it comes to picking the right professor for a course, Student Government passed legislation which could allow evaluations to be available on the UT website Tuesday.

Instead of relying on websites such as, that may not be accurate, SG came up with their own evaluation process.

"Different colleges allowed open ended questions, allowing students to elaborate, and others did not," said SG Senator Tion Taylor, a junior majoring in law and social thought.  

The legislation, which was written by Jimmy Momenee and Katherine Saine, will help give the evaluation process more identical.

"We both reached the conclusion that many of the departments on campus do not have uniform, or in some cases, even remotely similar evaluation sheets for their students to complete," said SG Senator and co-author of the legislation Jimmy Momenee. "Prior to writing the legislation, I spoke with Department of Communication Lecturer David Strukel, who as a professor on campus, who agreed with my findings."

Momenee said he does not know when the legislation will be approved by the administration, who will now work with the department chairs, and go into effect.

Taylor said the legislation would help current and future students.  

"In my opinion as a Senator, who voted for this legislation, I believe this not only helps the students and the professors by providing consistency and accuracy through all colleges whether it is the LLSS, or COBI," Taylor said.

Momenee said many departments need to make similar reforms.

"The [Department of Communication] evaluations have been distributed on the same recopied, re-faxed, worn out piece of paper."

The new student evaluations will provide students with more information on their professors, giving more of an opportunity to express feelings, concerns and experiences.

"We will be taking the idea to Provost McMillen to discuss the probability that this could happen," said SG President Matt Rubin. "Resources will be a critical issue for this request. We will see what happens."

The overall goal is to let students' experiences have some impact on how departments and professors structure their syllabi in the future, Monmenee said.  

Student government meetings are held in the Student Union Building Room 2592 Tuesdays at 8:15p.m.


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