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Welcome to The Independent Collegian

Published: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, August 15, 2012 15:08

On behalf of The Independent Collegian staff, I would like to begin by welcoming you into the UT community and thanking you for picking up a copy of the paper. It doesn’t take an expert to know that any publication, whether it’s the New York Times or your Intro to Biology textbook, is nothing without its readers. 

First, I would like to take a little bit of space to share a bit about myself. I’m a senior communication major who hails from the wonderful suburbs of Cleveland. 

My time at the Collegian started when I was like many underclassmen and looking for some sort of direction. Going off the logic that I was a decent writer in high school, I figured I would apply for a job at the IC. It wasn’t until I became assistant news editor the following semester that I began to see how this whole college paper thing works — it’s just a bunch of kids from different backgrounds working together on a common interest; in the end, this is what it comes down to. From my relatively short time on this planet, I’ve gathered that one of the most important skills to have is the ability to work as a team. At some point, you’ll have to work with people. The best thing to do is put preferences and opinions aside and just get the work done — if you like them, then that’s a perk. 

Now that I stepped down from my senior status soapbox, I’d like to let you know what is in store for the Collegian this upcoming year. It’s a new year for the IC, a new staff and a new look. Every single member on staff is either new or in a new position, which is exciting because it gives us a lot of room to improve and better serve you, the reader. The student-centeredness is what we aim for and will continue to strive for this upcoming year. The stories you read should have some relation to the collegiate lifestyle and if you feel this isn’t the case, I encourage you to let me know. If you have any news tips, story ideas or anything you would like to see covered, let the IC know, we’re here to help. The email inboxes are always open and our social media outlets are frequently checked. It’s one thing for you to simply read the stories, but if you are engaged, then that’s when differences can be made and changes can occur.  

With technology pushing forward and the Internet becoming more dominant, the IC is on the move to continue an online presence. While the paper comes out once a week, we’re going to make the effort to update our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts at least daily. 

There are some obvious visual changes to the Collegian as well as some new-standing features. In my opinion, it’s a long overdue process that required about two months of reading approximately100 newspapers and a lot of long nights and debates over which font was preferred, Arial or Times New Roman, Minion Pro or ITC Century. The end result — at least I hope — is to give the Collegian a more modern and professional look that is easy on the eyes. In an analogy, it’s the guy or girl at the bar who is initially attractive, but not so flashy that you won’t want to pick him or her up and take him or her back to your dorm room. 

In addition to the makeover, there are some new changes and additions of some new features. I hope these will help catch your interest and help spike your engagement. 

So with classes starting Aug. 20, I would like wish you luck with the upcoming semester and keep in touch.

Oh, the puzzles are on the next page. Enjoy your break from Syllabus Week. 


Vincent D. Scebbi is the Editor-in-Chief at The Independent Collegian and a senior majoring in communication. You can contact him at vscebbi@

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