April 24, 2019

An assault outside of Carlson. Speculative tweets. Passing rumors. Last week, University of Toledo’s campus was a case study on the convergence of crime, misinformation and social media. The Independent Collegian sat down with UTPD Chief Jeff Newton to sort through what really happened. 

Q: What happened outside of Carlson Library a couple of weeks ago? There were rumors all the way from jumpings to gang initiations. What really happened? 

A: “[The rumors] are mystifying. I think it’s just one of the effects of social media. We had one report that happened on Sunday, [April 14] at 10 p.m. where an individual called and indicated that he was struck in the face by an unknown individual. Nothing...

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October 10, 2018

As many people know, homecoming is UT’s longest standing tradition.

Last year, as a first-year student, I didn’t really understand what college homecoming was or what it exactly meant. As a second-year student, I can proudly say that has changed.

I held the sponsorship chair for this year’s homecoming committee, and I learned a lot about what homecom...

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