April 24, 2019

An assault outside of Carlson. Speculative tweets. Passing rumors. Last week, University of Toledo’s campus was a case study on the convergence of crime, misinformation and social media. The Independent Collegian sat down with UTPD Chief Jeff Newton to sort through what really happened. 

Q: What happened outside of Carlson Library a couple of weeks ago? There were rumors all the way from jumpings to gang initiations. What really happened? 

A: “[The rumors] are mystifying. I think it’s just one of the effects of social media. We had one report that happened on Sunday, [April 14] at 10 p.m. where an individual called and indicated that he was struck in the face by an unknown individual. Nothing...

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February 11, 2016

Tim Tebow — two-time college football national champion, first round NFL draft pick and Heisman trophy winner, will be speaking at Savage Arena on Feb. 17.

The event is sponsored by Toledo Christian Schools, and Mike Bartley, Director of Development at TCS, said Tebow was chosen to speak because of his Christian history.

“I think he is a great role m...

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