April 24, 2019

After graduating from high school, I dreamed of saving the world. So, I enrolled into college with a major in pre-law. Three real estate exams and seven law papers later, I realized how lost I was.

Although I found my classes enjoyable, I knew I shared a passion for som...

April 24, 2019

My brother and I did not have the same upbringing.

Sure, we lived in the same house, had the same parents, went to the same schools and shared a lot of the same toys, but we were surely raised differently.

As the older sibling by a mere 20 months, I was tasked with a lot...

April 24, 2019

You know how it goes: During the last two weeks of the semester, the university puts on many events and programs designed to help students cope with the stress of finals week.

There are dogs, massage chairs and free food all over campus as a way to connect with students...

April 18, 2019

Easter is coming, and my excitement for the holiday seems to dwindle each year.

As a kid, Easter was certainly a holiday to look forward to. It’s the one day of the year where a giant bunny comes to your house to hide a basket of goodies. A day where you can eat candy b...

April 18, 2019

UT’s Department of Theatre and Film is currently running its final show of the season. Stephen Sondheim’s classic musical “Into the Woods” has one more weekend at the Center for Performing Arts before the fall hauls in a new selection of drama for those of us not gradu...

April 17, 2019

It’s not hard to picture: A stereotypical young white male, collared shirt half-tucked, face up toward the ceiling, inhaling the weed he just bought from his dealer tucked away in a suburban home bedroom. He exhales, a cloud of smoke billowing out of his mouth smelling...

April 17, 2019

Some people think medical marijuana should be outlawed, but little do they know that for some users, marijuana is their most effective medicine. People assume medical marijuana isn’t even useful and a waste, yet medical marijuana is more than that; people medically dep...

April 4, 2019

Food is one of the most important things to a college student, it can make or break a student’s day. Over the last couple of years, the University of Toledo’s dining services has undergone several changes, both good and bad, under the Aramark Corporation, the managemen...

April 4, 2019

Fear God?


Stop sinning?

I ask this next question meaning to harm and no offense to anyone of any religion or spirituality: Why?

I recently saw some photos on Facebook that were of a protest.

A drag queen went to a library in Evansville to read to children....

April 4, 2019

As the semester winds down to a close, it’s time to start looking ahead to fall semester. In that spirit, it’s also time for UT Student Government elections.

Students can access the elections through InvoNet by logging in with their UTADs; ballots opened April 1 and wil...

March 27, 2019

We all know how important it is to stay politically active on all levels, be it nationally, regionally or locally. As a University of Toledo student, you also have a responsibility to know what’s going on politically on campus, challenging as it may be.

If you aren’t aw...

March 27, 2019

Dear Reader,

Imagine this scenario: You’re a dedicated civil-servant. You go to work daily and come home to a beautiful family. In this family, you have a two-year-old child who has an autoimmune disorder and could not be vaccinated as a result.

You spent countless weeks...

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