Sanders: My love for the culture of Japan - the land of the rising sun

August 30, 2017

Ever since my childhood, I have always had a strong respect for the Bushido Code, an ancient samurai set of guidelines that governed who a samurai was and what a samurai stood for.


It contains personal virtues such as politeness, sincerity, loyalty and character. The main and more popular virtues of the Bushido Code were honor and self-respect. 


These values continue to beat violently in the heart of Japanese culture.


The sheer level of respect that most Japanese people have for themselves and other people amazes me. To an average American, few may believe, like myself, that respect is a rare gem to find in the States. 


However, Japan offers courtesy the moment a foreigner places his foot on Japanese soil. From simple gas station employees to the average blue-collar Japanese worker, their sense of common courtesy is boundless. 


The land of the rising sun’s résumé doesn’t end with dumbfounding obeisance. The nation boasts an intriguing culture deeply rooted in Shinto. 


Unknowingly, a minority of Japanese people follow and perform practices of the ancient religion Shinto. 


Japan boasts a multitude of customs unique to its culture. Its fascinating festivals and events occurring throughout the year only add to its culture. Its grand architecture, such as Shinto shrines, paint an interesting picture of their intriguing culture.  


I strive to one day visit the enchanting country of Japan. The University of Toledo boasts an excellent foreign language department, with Japanese being one of the best. 


Learning the Japanese language, or any language for that matter, can be entertaining experience. I encourage all language learning fanatics from all majors to continue with your language of choice, and explore the origin of their language of choice.

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