Being an adult sucks

October 3, 2017


Being an adult sucks.

As a kid, I thought moving out would be the solution to my problems. To be clear, by “problems” I mean being told what to do, having a few chores and a 9 p.m. bedtime because, let’s be honest, those are the only problems you have as an adolescent.

I guess I’m an adult now, or at least that’s what people tell me, because I’m five months into living on my own.

My childhood self would be disappointed to hear that moving out didn’t fix my problems. In fact, I’m realizing that I never really had problems to begin with.

Sure, no one tells me what to do anymore, but sometimes a voice of reason is nice. Those few chores at my parents’ have turned into a responsibility to clean everything, and actually getting to bed at 9 p.m. is like hitting the lottery.

Being an adult sucks.

While living at my parent’s house, I never worried about what I was going to eat because I knew that my mom would be cooking. I knew I was going to have to eat whatever it was that she prepared, whether I was fond of it or not.

Now that my evening meals consist of ramen noodles and whatever I can whip up in the microwave, those dishes that I wasn’t too fond of at my parents’ don’t sound half bad anymore.

Paying for everything yourself really makes you understand money’s worth.

When you spend hard earned cash on bills, it makes it a lot harder to forget to turn off the lights after you leave a room. You layer on clothes when you’re cold rather than going straight to the thermostat because you know that heat isn’t always worth the pricey gas bill.

Paying for everything yourself is a learning experience of understanding your wants and needs.

Now that I’m a grown up, I also have to do my own grocery shopping. I never realized how expensive this whole eating thing really is.

As a kid we always had the best snacks in the house, including Pop-Tarts, pizza rolls and Oreos.

Now that I’m on a budget, I find myself purchasing the off brands like Toaster Treats, Pizza Snack Rolls and Cream Betweens. My financial priorities now are a little less concerned with the popularity of the product and more with shutting my growling stomach up in a silent classroom for cheap.

Of course the independence of living on my own is great, but I miss all of the things at my parents’ that I took for granted. Moving out is a huge learning experience in everyone’s life and isn’t always easy.

Maybe one day I’ll get this grown-up thing down, but until then I’ll continue to call my mom for her voice of reason.

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