Why we need your support on Day of Giving

October 10, 2017

On Thursday, the University of Toledo Alumni Association will host its annual Day of Giving, and there will be 2,000 funds available to which one can give.

The event will start Wednesday at midnight with a kickoff party hosted in the Rec Center and will continue Thursday with different events being hosted across Main Campus and the Health Science Campus.

On Main Campus, there will be tents and various competitions with prizes set up in Centennial Mall from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. The Alumni Association will even allow donations from Rocket Cards for the Division of Student Services.

But the real place to go is online to https://rocketforward.utoledo.edu/giving-day/3199/department/3332, where you can find 28 funds available for donation, along with more information about each group.

For the first time, The Independent Collegian will be one of those funds. Our main goal is to raise $2,500 to create a new fund, different from our existing scholarship fund, through the association, allowing us to raise donations year-round—donations that are badly needed.

You can go directly to https://rocketforward.utoledo.edu/giving-day/3199/department/3932, where you can read about The Independent Collegian and donate to our cause.

Donations of any size are extremely helpful, and our board of directors has even agreed to match all donations up to $500.

Donations are needed for almost everything at The Independent Collegian. Throughout the last couple of years, we creatively found different ways to shrink our budget until we cut out all extra costs, operating on the bare minimum.

None of our staff writers or associate editors receive pay, and the editors that do don’t make anywhere near minimum wage, even though our editors spend an average of 20 hours a week in the office and much more outside. Our writers, who spend five to 10 hours a week working on stories, do not receive pay at all.

We operate using almost exclusively hand-me-down equipment, including our computers, camera, desks, chairs and so much more.

We use outdated software, including old versions of all Adobe Cloud products and even Microsoft Word.

Yet, even with these financial constraints, we have been able to consistently put out a student-centered newspaper for the past 99 years. We are the only place on the University of Toledo campus that offers students firsthand experience in print journalism, and we have taught thousands of students the ins and outs of this field.

Currently, because of our lack of financial security, we have had to focus our attention on advertisements and sales, taking valuable resources away from what our real goal is: educating future journalists.

With your help, we will be able to get back to fulfilling fully the invaluable role we play on campus through education and experience for upcoming reporters. We will be able to get back to focusing on education, expanding our university connections and digging into the issues that concern us all.

We will be able to start compensating our students for their time and work.

While The Independent Collegian is not the only worthy cause accepting donations this Thursday, we do ask for your support. If you’ve ever enjoyed an article, looked through a photo album or even met one of our reporters, we ask that you take the time, read our story, and donate whatever you can. Every little bit helps.

To donate you can go online or call the Alumni Association at 530-7730.

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