Nothing Changes if nothing changes

October 18, 2017



Here we are, halfway through the fall 2017 semester.  If you’re like me, you just reread that sentence and asked yourself, “How the heck is it already halfway done? Where has the time gone? Why do I feel like I have done so much yet so little at the same time?” 

Believe it or not, we truly are on the decline of this school term.  It is often at this point in the semester that we begin to feel the weight of deadlines and the crunch of stress eating away at us. 

The second half of the semester is often the time when I feel that my wheels keep spinning, yet I am still stuck in a rut.  I think that now is as good of a time as ever to come to terms with our tribulations and face them squarely: Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I remember seeing that quote for the first time on one of the many fitness handles that I follow.  For some reason, those few simple words really resonated with me. 

We all talk about what we “have” to change: our GPA, our eating habits, our lack of communication, our bad habits, etc. 

We continually complain about the things “wrong” in our life or the “broken” things that need to be repaired.  But how often do we act on it? 

Nothing will change if we don’t first make the steps toward change.  If there is no action, there can be no reaction.  How can we expect a changed outcome if our initial action stays stagnant?

Although the answers to these questions may seem quite simple, they often take an “a-ha” moment to realize. 

We often become bogged down by the weight of our “problems.” We aren’t sleeping enough, eating the right things or exercising enough and feel that we are always studying and letting our social lives and relationships decline. 

We become caught in a loop of self-pity.  We wallow in our sorrows and accept the fate that our lives are terrible.  Stop right there.  Nothing changes if nothing changes.

We are the masters of our own destinies, the captains of our own ships.  If we want change, we must initiate the change! 

If you want to raise your GPA, find a study group, block out forced library study time or utilize a tutor. 

If you want to eat better, clear your apartment of all the things weighing you down and make your selections only healthy ones. 

If you want to communicate better, set aside an hour block each night to call a best friend, family member or significant other. 

It is easy to find time for important things when we align and assign our priorities.  If we want to kick a bad habit, we can seek help in many resources or confide in a trusted companion. 

The solutions to our “problems” aren’t always easy or clear-cut, but the only way to start reaching a solution is to advance away from the problem.  Every action has a reaction, and we have the power to set the change in motion. 

So what are you waiting for?

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