It’s not our fault were self-centered

December 6, 2017


We often hear many negative characteristics prescribed to millennials, and self-centered is usually one. But this narcissistic behavior isn’t really our fault.

Millennials are the first generation to be engulfed in this new and advanced technology. What we need to blame is the internet.

Once the World Wide Web took off, blogging began, which then led to social media. Social media gave people a platform to voice any opinion, which is something that previous generations didn’t have.

A huge aspect of social media is simply talking about ourselves. Facebook asks you, “What’s on your mind?” and Twitter normalizes the concept of sharing every minor detail in our lives.

Instagram allows us to post endless selfies, which was of course invented by millennials. Who else could we count on to devise the idea of a site dedicated solely to taking pictures of ourselves?

Snapchat’s fundamental building blocks came from the selfie, another application based entirely on the idea of talking via pictures of ourselves. And the list goes on, but the general pattern is that these websites encourage us to share information about ourselves.

It’s no coincidence that this generation acts the way we do when we spend most of our days talking about ourselves on the internet.

This generation was also raised a lot differently than past generations. Millennials often had helicopter parents, or a parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child.

Of course, children have always been a main concern, but in past generations kids were never babied like they are now. In this generation kids are taught that everyone is a winner and sometimes in competition everyone is given a trophy so that no child feels left out.

It’s great that parents make sure their children feel loved and special, but this behavior could feed into this self-absorbed mindset when they get older.

Moreover, the media emphasizes narcissistic celebrity role models. Celebrities are often looked at as the people we aspire to be.

As many know, Kanye West believes that he is basically God in the flesh. He talks so highly about himself and followers look up to this egotistical mind set and would like to carry themselves the same.

Of course, not every millennial displays this characteristic and not all of these factors are the reason for this mindset, but they may contribute to millennials’ narcissistic behavior. It’s not our fault we’re self-centered: It’s what we were taught.


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