Makeup shade range needs some work

January 23, 2018


For me, walking into Sephora to purchase a foundation or concealer that will match my skin tone is a piece of cake.

I can look at any brand of makeup that the store carries and know it will supply a product that matches my pale white skin.

Unfortunately, it’s not that way for everyone.

As you walk down the aisles of any makeup store, it’s almost impossible not to notice the lack of darker foundation shades.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. Recently black owned and aimed beauty brands like KoyVoca Cosmetics have been created, hoping to cater to women who can’t find beauty products to match their skin.

However, not all beauty brands have been this progressive.

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer company launched in 2016, and the makeup world was obsessed with its hydrating, long-lasting effects.

The brand recently hinted to fans on its Instagram page that it would be releasing a new product line. Followers went crazy at the thought of new Shape Tape products but were soon disappointed.

Tarte Cosmetics released their new line of Shape Tape Foundations on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and it wasn’t long after that the pubic noticed a major flaw in the new release.

There were only two of 15 foundations that are for darker-complexed women.

The darkest color released out of the new line is called mahogany, and the shade directly under that is called deep honey, which, as you can probably assume, isn’t very deep at all.

For Tarte Cosmetics to think that this shade range is an accurate representation of its customers’ complexions is extremely ignorant, and to release the products on Martin Luther King Jr. Day is almost laughable.

The new release is catering to 13 different light-complexed shades and two darker formulas. Nowhere near what represents our reality, especially in a culturally diverse country like the United States of America.

Because of the extensive amount of dissatisfied reactions on social media, it looks like Tarte will be losing an enormous number of clientele, which it rightfully should.

If the brand cannot cater to all its customers, why should its customers support it?

This exciting release turned into a huge flop for the brand.

It’s 2018 Tarte, and you can do better.

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