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February 21, 2018

Just last week, ProMedica Toledo Hospital signed a patient-transfer agreement to allow Capital Care Network, Toledo’s last abortion clinic, to remain operational. 
We believe the hospital made the best choice and are proud to be part of a university affiliated with ProMedica. 
ProMedica and UT have shared an academic affiliation since 2015. According to its webpage, ProMedica supports a wide range of programs at UT, including the College of Medicine and Life Sciences, the College of Nursing, the College of Pharmacy and the College of Health Sciences. 
As UT students, we look to ProMedica to support the education of those seeking to enter the medical fields, coinciding with the long-standing role of providing health care to the community. 
Through its role as one of the largest and most active hospitals in this area, ProMedica made the choice to sign the patient-transfer agreement. 
Laws that say facilities performing abortions must be within a certain mileage of a hospital that pledges to provide emergency medical services to someone at the facility who may need it required this agreement. 
With this choice, ProMedica came under scrutiny from certain groups, including Created Equal, the pro-life organization that hosts annual anti-abortion events on UT’s campus. 
Detractors of the clinic’s choice say that ProMedica has a tradition of avoiding issues surrounding abortion since it is highly politicized and that they support abortion.  
However, in a statement made after the board’s decision, ProMedica spokesperson Tedra White said, “Entering into this agreement aligns with ProMedica’s mission and values, including our focus on being a health system dedicated to the well-being of Northwest Ohio and our belief that no one is beyond the reach of life-saving health care. Furthermore, we believe that all individuals should have access to the best care in their neighborhoods.”
No one could have said it better. 
First and foremost, a medical professional bears responsibility in protect the lives of those they serve. As the prominent medical facility in the area, ProMedica has a responsibility to the women of Toledo. 
In 2015, the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics published an article in defense of expanded access to legal abortion. The article, titled, “Evidence supporting broader access to safe legal abortion” by Anibal Faúndes, argued that making abortion a crime only increases maternal mortality and morbidity without decreasing abortion numbers. 
Essentially, restrictive abortion laws don’t stop abortions but only hurt the women who need them. 
ProMedica’s job is to restrict the harm done to their patients. “First, do no harm,” is the first line of the Hippocratic Oath every physician takes, and ProMedica showed that they stand by that oath and the health of the women of Toledo. 

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