Replacing Rocky with Shrek

April 25, 2018

On April 24, the official Twitter of the University of Toledo tweeted, “If this gets 500k retweets

we’ll change our mascot to Shrek” with a photo of Shrek attached.


The tweet had an immediate response and went viral, with over 90,000 retweets and a slew of

comments within only a few hours. The tweet has since been deleted, but not without leaving a

large impression on the Twitter community.


The tweet caused Twitter to create a moment around the new mascot, which gathered over

1,500 likes in four hours. Many Twitter users also suggested other changes UT could make

around campus to focus on a more Shrek-friendly campus.


Twitter user @mikeFAIL tweeted “will you rename all the stadiums ‘the swamp’ so the crowd

can chant ‘get out of our swamp’/’get out of my swamp’ at the opposing team?”


Another Twitter user @CourtneyPay_ said that UT should change the fight song to All Star by

the San Jose band Smash Mouth, the iconic song in Shrek.


Continuing with the Shrek jokes, @MichaelJonesAU presented the idea of bringing out a live

donkey to the sidelines of football games.


Many comments also included how the university could run into trouble with DreamWorks by not

consulting them before sending out the tweet.


According to the University of Toledo’s Twitter, Rocky had become jealous and deleted the

chance for Shrek to become the new mascot.

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