Editorial: Give us back our original fall break

October 16, 2018

Every college student knows the value of a day off. 


Whether it’s a holiday, a canceled lecture or a skipped class, there are few things better in a hectic semester than some desperately needed time off (which all students use to catch up on schoolwork, of course).


Students generally substitute for genuine time off with caffeine and naps, especially during midterms.


It should come as no surprise, then, that students treasure fall break.


Autumn’s reprieve from exams, papers and stress comes in the form of two additional days off, a Monday and Tuesday, in the university academic calendar and make for a glorious long weekend.


Or, so we thought.


This year, the University of Toledo scheduled fall break on a Thursday and Friday, much to our chagrin.


Plenty of students at the university already don’t have classes on Fridays, so most received four days to recuperate instead of the usual five.


This shift caught many by surprise, faculty included.


One of our editorial board members had a class canceled on Monday anyway because the professor had already booked a conference out of town based on the standard fall break schedule.


We thought this change in scheduling may be due to the timing of Veteran’s Day later in the semester, which will be observed on Monday, Nov. 12, giving students another four-day weekend if they are without Friday courses.


Veteran’s Day has been observed on Fridays the past two years, thus affecting fewer class meetings.


However, the holiday fell on class-heavy days in previous years, and fall break remained unchanged.


The 2019-2020 university calendar shows that fall break will again take place on a Thursday and Friday next year.


Is it too much to ask to go back to the way things were?


One additional day may not seem like much, but it’s a lifetime to students getting five hours of sleep and chugging coffee to keep up with a typical college schedule.


Theoretically, we do get to make our own schedules in college, but we depend on the academic calendar to rescue us from being reduced to puddles of stress.


We realize that UT does not have to offer a fall break and is doing us a favor by granting us any extra days off at all.


Still, if the old schedule worked well, students responded favorably to it and it gave many a bonus day, why deviate from that system?


We’re all out here trying our best and attempting to navigate our college careers one day at a time. It’s almost never easy, but we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t want to put the effort in.


We’d just appreciate it if one more of those days could be spent in the comfort of our own homes or on a short vacation somewhere.


C’mon. Give us a break.



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