Editorial: Be active post-election

November 7, 2018

With midterm elections now in the rearview mirror, we can all take a moment to pause and breathe a sigh of relief.


OK, that’s long enough.


While some may think that the tallying of the votes on Election Day signals the end of another political cycle, the work has only just begun.


Whether or not your side emerged victorious in the races is irrelevant. We all have work to do.


It’s crucial that we remain politically and civically engaged post-election. Our nation demands our attention and participation. Without those, the United States strays farther away from its democratic roots.


So, what can we do?


Too often, elections become focused on the politics in play


rather than the issues that affect so many. But, if you voted, that means you have causes that you care about. Take it upon yourself to engage in these causes.


If it matters to you that the country protects women’s reproductive rights, get involved with Planned Parenthood or a similar organization. If you think that we should be doing more to combat climate change, join a group striving to reduce our carbon footprint.


Additionally, get in touch with your newly elected officials. They have an obligation to fulfill their campaign promises, and you have the right to inquire about how they’re going about them.


Their phone numbers are available online. Call them.


Furthermore, voters can continue to participate in civil discourse about the political direction we are headed in. Though it may seem like the media exhausts every political news story every day, don’t tune out what’s happening.


Especially in times when politics can be so divisive, it’s crucial to stay informed and debate issues with others in a respectful and thoughtful manner. Ignoring the news cycle or failing to be receptive to others’ points of view rarely proves beneficial.


While we strongly encourage people to get involved in democracy, we understand that some decide not to participate.


If you choose to abstain from voting in this election, let us know why at editor@independentcollegian.com. We look forward to hearing from you.


Though it may have seemed like it was never going to get here, Election Day has come and gone. The votes have been tallied and offices are being filled around the United States by the people we elected.


It would be convenient if we could just sit back and let our choices unfold as they may, but democracy isn’t always convenient.


Join the Independent Collegian in making a commitment to continue to fight for this country. Get active in your communities. Make a difference in the causes you care most about.


Do whatever you have to do to avoid complacency.  


The country will be for the better because of it.


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