Editorial: Pet peeves of the IC

November 14, 2018

We’ve all encountered some people on campus who make us think to ourselves, “Really? You’re doing that here?”


While most of these behaviors are harmless, they are incredibly annoying and sometimes even send us into a rage that ruins our whole day.


Please, from the bottoms of our hearts, don't be these people.


1. People who listen to loud music in public spaces


Music soothes the student’s soul almost as much as coffee. It’s a necessity—and we understand that. What we don’t get is why you have to play it so loud.


If you have decent headphones, there should be no reason for your music to be over halfway up. Not only is it bad for your ears to have it any higher, but it’s bad for our focus. We don’t want to hear “Mo Bamba” on repeat while on the fourth floor of the library. It helps no one.


Did you know they make speaker backpacks, shoes and even hats now? Yeah, don’t buy them. Please. We are not in middle school.


2. Riding the Scooters


We know that students are divided on the Lime scooters. While some students love them; we hate them.


Who hasn’t been almost run over by some engineering student running five minutes late going from Field House to Palmer Hall?



Who hasn't seen an intoxicated person get a mouth full of concrete?


Who didn’t see the scooter that landed in the Ottawa River?


If you choose to ride the scooters, here’s a word of advice: Get out of the way. They are called sidewalks. Just be a normal person and be late like the rest of us.


3. People who have conversations in the middle of walkways


The Student Union is too small for this, people!


The food area of the Union is always incredibly crowded starting from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students don’t even know who’s in line for what half the time and have to navigate a maze to try and get through the crowd. Depending on the excitement (and what music sororities are playing), it can feel like a mosh pit.


Do not stop in the middle of the ramps to have a conversation. We’ve seen people get plowed down because they thought this would be a good idea. Just finish walking up or down the ramp and step aside.


Scientists just discovered something recently—people can walk and talk at the same time! Truly amazing! Test this out with your friends next time you think stopping to talk is the best idea.


We know how exciting it is to see your friends you haven't seen in literally 18 hours, but please go socialize elsewhere.


Take a moment to have some compassion for those around you and consider what you can do to ensure a courteous and polite experience for everyone.


The campus community will thank you.


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