Editorial: Winter has come

January 30, 2019

Sorry, Toledo: Your unseasonably warm winter has been canceled.

Just last month it seemed as though we wouldn’t see more than a few snow flurries or temperatures below freezing this season.


Depending on your outlook, that may have been either a welcome sight or completely disheartening.


Northwest Ohio’s recent snowstorm and the projections of wind chills plunging more than 30 degrees below this upcoming week, however, have put any thoughts of a mild winter to rest.


Though it may be disappointing, we can’t say we’re surprised. This is Ohio we’re dealing with, after all.

Unfortunately for students hoping for a snow day, universities rarely close for inclement weather.


Recent events show that it’s not impossible, but we’ve still got quite a bit of winter left to go.


Layer up, put on your mittens and boots and trudge over to Rocket Hall. This isn’t high school anymore; go outside and succumb to mild frostbite like the rest of us.


Too, we all see that guy who walks around campus in shorts on the coldest days of the year. Maybe you are that guy.


Do we understand it? No. Do we advise it? Absolutely not.


But, just think: if he can stand the frigid temperatures in cargo shorts, you can brave the cold and make it to class wrapped up in two sweatshirts, a winter coat and the comforter off of your bed.


Probably, anyway. We’re journalists, not doctors.


Additionally, take your time when getting around campus in icy and slushy conditions. You might think you can sleep in for an extra 10 minutes and still make it to class on time, but the black ice underfoot begs to differ.


Try to take the smallest steps possible when you find yourself slipping and sliding on campus sidewalks. It might make you look ridiculous and be inefficient, but at least you won’t look ridiculous, be inefficient and fall down in front of a bunch of people.


And even if you do, oh well. Laugh it off, stifle your tears and pretend like you didn’t just severely bruise your tailbone. Get back up and brush yourself off; you’ll be alright (again, not doctors).


In all seriousness, though, we can’t stress enough to be extra cautious in this wintry weather.


If you really can’t make it to class, send your professor an apologetic email and try again next time. Don’t risk your safety to take a test or maintain perfect attendance.


Also, be sure to check UT’s newly launched website to find out which campus operations, if any, will be affected in the case of inclement weather at utoledo.edu/weather.


So bundle up, Rockets, and brace yourselves for another couple months of frosty conditions.


We can only hope Punxsutawney Phil won’t see his shadow this weekend and spring will arrive sooner rather than later.


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