Editorial: Prep now, succeed later

March 20, 2019

Returning to campus after a long awaited spring break can feel incredibly overwhelming, especially given the essays, quizzes and exams waiting for you. Many of us feel weighed down trying to keep up with the workload.


Adding to the stress, priority class registration for fall 2019 has opened for select groups and will continue to become available to students in order of completed credit hours.


Open registration begins April 8.


Bold of UT to assume we want to register for fall before we’ve even passed spring semester.

Really, though: Schedule as early as possible. As incentive to get students registered, the university is running a campaign in which all students who register prior to April 15 will be entered in a drawing to win one of 20 Starbucks gift cards, each worth $20.


Unfortunately, students do not always utilize the resources available to them when planning for courses and their college careers at large.


As a college student, you are responsible for staying on top of your requirements and knowing what you need to do to graduate on time.


The university will have little sympathy for you when you have to extend your studies by a semester or two because you weren’t privy to your foreign language requirements early on.


Become comfortable accessing your degree audit in the myUT portal to know what classes you have already taken and those you will need in the future.


It’s much easier to be proactive and take charge of your education than to sit back and not know what to expect.


“Surprise me” may work when ordering a drink at a bar, but it’s probably not a wise mantra for your academic career.


But, just because you are ultimately responsible getting yourself across the stage at graduation, you should not be afraid to ask for help if necessary.


Familiarize yourself with your adviser and make appointments with him/her to determine what your educational plan of action will look like. They want to help you; let them!


Your success coach is also a great resource when you’re unsure of what to do in terms of registration. He/she can point you in the right direction for any number of questions and help you get answers as soon as possible.


They can even help you determine if the major you’re in is the right fit for you—there’s no sense in creating a plan of action for yourself if you’re in a program that’s just not for you.


Additionally, pay attention to your Rocket email, cumbersome as it may be. It may be tempting to mark emails as read after merely glancing at them, but you could be missing out on important information.


There’s really no excuse for having a class fill up on you because you waited two weeks longer than you should have to register; the registration dates have been in your inbox since the end of February.


The university has also rolled out a “Plan Ahead and Register” tool that can be found in the myUT portal. Use it to prepare for registration, plan ahead for future semesters, view your registration information and browse classes and the course catalog.


So, get involved in your education plan and do your best to prevent issues before they occur. Nothing will ever pan out perfectly, but a little preparedness goes a long way.



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