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Sanders: Give mumble rap a shot

March 27, 2019

Hip-hop has taken the world by storm by being the most influential, entertaining genre of music today. Subgenres such as trap, rap and pop music have also played a vital role in the defining of our American culture.


The discovery of hip-hop in the 1970s alongside rapping birthed a flourishing community of impactful young people to become influential figures.


Famous fathers of rap include Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G and later the famous rap group N.W.A. Although most of these great names are affiliated with rather brief lifespans and dangerous individuals, one can’t overlook the influence they’ve had on today’s hip-hop artists.


As a fan of all subgenres of rap, my current favorite to listen to right now is mumble rap. Now before you brandish your pitchforks, I enjoy the lyrical rappers as well.


Mumble rap receives a bad reputation due to its lyrics being difficult to comprehend and lacking artistic competency or thought. The majority of the time I’d choose the side of lyrical rappers as the face of the current rap game.


However, SoundCloud rappers offer a decent number of good tracks to vibe to. A producer or engineer took a significant amount of time to create a catchy drum beat and synthesized bass-line for people to hype the crowd up.


Artists and ghost writers equally pondered over catchy lyrics to catch the attention of the listeners as well. Sure, the lyrics typically consist of discussing the same three things in every song: money, cars and women.


Lyrical rappers tend to discuss similar topics in their songs as well. People tend to hold mumble rap in horrible regard because of its unique characteristics, yet a majority of these individuals continue to drink and party to Lil Pump on St. Patrick’s Day.

Mumble rappers were influenced by the same artists that lyrical rappers were, the greats who mentored and nurtured the entirety of the current rap game. Eminem, the famous MC from Detroit, complimented Lil Yachty, a mumble rapper from Georgia, on his album “Kamikaze.”


People should keep a more open mind when listening to music in general. Staying in your own comfort zone of just country or just electronic dance music isn’t doing yourself any favors.


Give mumble rap a chance when you get the whim to try something new or receive an indescribable desire to get hyped in your four-walled bedroom.  


William Sanders is a fourth-year communication student. 


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